Customized 3D Challenge Coins — Beyond Your Expectations

As 3D challenge coins suppliers, we’ve made it our mission to give you the greatest level of customization possible. Using 3D die cast molds, we use materials such as iron, zinc alloy, and bronze to create a level of detail you didn’t even think was possible!

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Our molds are made completely from scratch

Once we’ve finalized your custom challenge coin design, we can start work on creating your 3D custom mold. With these molds, our expert team can capture every detail of your bespoke design — including facial details, texture, and other 3D shapes.

Once our molds have been completed, we then cast your custom challenge coin using the materials our design team have helped you choose. Whatever purpose you want your coin to serve, we’ll ensure that we’re using the best materials to suit your needs.

Before our custom 3D coins are shipped, they undergo a strict quality testing procedure. Even for bulk 3D challenge coins, every single coin will be inspected before they begin their journey to you.

Wholesale 3D challenge coins at competitive prices

As a leading manufacturer of 3D challenge coins, quality is our main priority. However, it’s also important to us that our pricing remains competitive. This is why we’ve focused on ensuring that our state-of-the-art factory provides you with top quality items, at a price you can be happy about!

If you’re buying custom 3D challenge coins in bulk, just let our team know and we can advise you further on even better pricing. We value our customers and with our fast response times and excellent customer service — they value us too.

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We create a product that you can be proud of.

“Even creating the molds for our 3D challenge coins takes an expert level of skill. This is why our products stand out against our competitors — our team’s experience and skills are difficult to beat!”