5K Medals Honoring Everyday Contestants

TopRoad focuses on creating high-quality custom 5K medals that celebrate your athletic accomplishments.

We believe that every runner deserves recognition for their hard work and dedication, which is why we put an immense amount of care into producing each and every medal.

5K Medals

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5K Medals 5K Medals 5K Medals 5K Medals 5K Medals 5K Medals

Celebrate Your 5k Accomplishments with Our Premium Medals

Running a 5k is no small feat, and we believe that your accomplishments deserve to be celebrated. That's why we offer a range of high-quality 5k medals that are perfect for recognizing your dedication.

Our rigorous quality testing ensures that every 5K medal is up to our high standards, so you can feel confident that your recipients will receive a medal that is truly worthy of their glory.

5K Medals

Create a One-of-a-Kind 5k Medal with Our Custom Design Services

Our expert design team will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind medal that incorporates your team colors, logos, and any other special details you want to include.

From classic designs to modern and edgy looks, we can bring your vision to life. With our custom design services, you can elevate your awards to the next level and make your 5k accomplishments even more special.

5K Medals
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We create a product that you can be proud of.

Reward runners with our custom 5k medals. Our team is dedicated to creating high-quality medals that commemorate the achievements of your participants and motivate them to keep pushing themselves.

5K Medals