Custom Keychains — Great Design That’s Also Functional

Our custom made keychains are the perfect item to stock in your gift store, or for use as brand merchandise or sports memorabilia. We also supply custom keychains to those wanting to mark special events or commemorate a cause. With our state-of-the-art factory, your bulk orders are never an issue!

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Custom keychains for brands, sports clubs, and more!

We’ve supplied our custom made keychains to high profile brands, sports clubs, and even military and police organizations. If you order our custom keychains in bulk, we can also offer more competitive pricing than usual.

As one of our most popular products, we’ve now secured our position as a leading manufacturer of custom keychains. Due to our fast response times, excellent customer service, and top quality products — our customers know that we deliver the products they want.

As well as keychains, we also have other custom products to check out! This includes custom bottle openers, enamel pins, challenge coins, medals, and much more. Just let our team know if you’d like to add other merchandise to your order.

We work with a range of quality materials that you can customize!

As specialists in metalwork, our team is highly experienced in the different finishes and custom details your keychains can have. If you’re unsure about what metal you might like to use, just let us know and we’ll be able to advise further.

We’re also well-versed in working with other materials such as ceramic for our custom challenge coins. All you have to do is submit a concept and our design team can help you match the best materials to your design.

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We create a product that you can be proud of.

“Custom made keychains are one of our most popular products. Because of this, we’re now taking on bulk orders for branding merchandise and much more! If you want to make a bulk order, we’d love to hear from you! ”