Custom Die Cast Pins, Molded to Perfection.

We manufacture custom die cast pins that have been made to your exact specifications. Just submit the concept you want to design and we’ll get to work on creating a custom mold for your 3D die cast pin.

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Your custom design, made in 3D detail

Before we begin manufacturing your die cast lapel pin, we firstly need to perfect your 3D mold and ensure that every detail of your custom design has been captured. We then create your pin by pouring molten metal into your unique mold.

Our team is one of the most experienced in the industry. Because we’re used to working with delicate pieces of metal, your custom design will be delivered to you exactly as you want it.

For best practice, all of our pins undergo a 5-step inspection process and will only be shipped to you once our team is satisfied that your product reflects our high standards.

Die casting is one of our most detailed processes

Because our die cast manufacturing process allows you to create 3D designs, this type of pin is popular amongst those looking for additional details and shapes for their pins. We can add everything from hollow spaces and ridges, to intricate areas of texture.

Even though our custom die cast pins are 3D, we still ensure that the size and weight of your pin makes it fit for purpose. Once you have your product in hand, you’ll see exactly why we’re so highly-regarded in the industry — we take your concepts and we make them work.

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We create a product that you can be proud of.

“With 3D die cast pins, your custom design will showcase the level of craftsmanship we strive for, from every angle.”