Die Struck Pins, Stamped to Perfection.

Our range of die struck pins can be customized with your emblem or insignia, making them the perfect choice for representing your organization in the finest detail. Die struck pins are also popular for commemorative purposes which is why our manufacturing process ensures they are made to last.

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Your design, our process

Our manufacturing process for die struck lapel pins involves using a custom mold to construct the shape and detail of your product. We then use a special press to strike the metal with your design and apply a special coating to protect the metal.

Because our process involves a mixture of top-class machinery and human-led craftsmanship, your final product will be finished to the highest possible standard. Die struck lapel pins allow for the addition of details such as fine lines, text, and even hollow spaces — so your final design can really stand out.

At each stage of our process, your pin is examined carefully by our team to ensure that all details of your emblem or insignia have been captured correctly. Your emblem or insignia will never look better!

Our guarantee to you

Regardless of the quantity or level of customization that applies to your order, our team will always ensure that your product is of the highest quality before being shipped. Especially with our die struck lapel pins, your custom order will be crafted with care.

We pride ourselves on creating products that you can also be proud of. This is just one of the reasons why so many high-profile organizations and brands such as Coca Cola, New York Police Department have trusted us with their merchandise.

Frequently asked Questions

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We create a product that you can be proud of.

“We have successfully produced die struck lapel pins for use in military environments, sporting events, and brand collaborations. Whatever purpose you want your pins to serve, we can deliver.”