Hard Enamel Pins — Detailed and Durable Design

Due to the popularity of hard enamel pins, our custom design options ensure that your designs stand out from the crowd with superb quality and high levels of detail. We also offer fast turnaround and design support from our team of experts.

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Make your custom designs even more eye-catching

We can help you make your custom hard enamel pins that extra bit special with a use of custom colors and surface effects. Our team won’t begin the production process until your design has been finalized and you’re happy that your product can’t be elevated further. After this, our team can start bringing your vision to life.

Pins with a premium look and feel

The workmanship behind hard enamel pins is delicate, meaning that your custom design will always be in safe hands. Even though we offer high quality finishes for pins of all types, our printing practices work particularly well with hard enamel products.

As well as offering support for official designs, we also cater for the production of fantasy or “fan art” pins. All you have to do is submit a design or concept and our design team will start translating this image into a pin-friendly design.

Exacting standards for your pin design

Even though the price point for hard enamel pins is a little higher than for soft enamel pins, you’ll notice an immediate difference in the level of detail that can be achieved with this type of pin. This is why we always recommend opting for hard enamel pins if your design consists of precise lines, text, or facial features.

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a private seller, our hard enamel pins are manufactured with the best care. With custom additions such as sandblasting and high-shine surfaces, your pins won’t fade into the background. We also offer free samples to ensure your product is exactly how you want it.

Frequently asked Questions

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We create a product that you can be proud of.

“We continuously invest in our design and production processes to ensure that we’re offering the latest finishes and customizations to our customers. With hard enamel pins, there’s a broad range of custom options, so the best way to find out what you can create is to get started!”