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Pop culture pins were one of our first ventures as a pin manufacturer. Since then, we’vewidened our range of customization options and now allow the creativity of our customersto run wild. There’s no limit on what pop culture, fantasy, or kawaii pins we can cater to!

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Pop culture pins of the highest standard

From popular cartoon pins to band merchandise, we’ve manufactured thousands ofcustom designs for private sellers and official franchises all over the world. Our pop culturepins are known for their quality, which is why so many international customers are nowtrusting us to produce bulk orders that arrive ready to sell.

All of our products undergo strict quality checks before being shipped, so you can feelconfident that once your order arrives, it’ll be exactly as you expect. If for some reasonthere’s something you’re not happy about, we also offer immediate replacements.

If you need clarity on what your final design might look like, we can provide free samplesto help you decide on everything from color choice to materials. We want you to be happywith your final design before it enters production — something our excellent customerservice helps you achieve.

From kawaii pins to more detailed designs

Whatever level of design you want your custom pop culture pin to have, we can adapt ourmanufacturing processes to suit your needs. Our design team are experts in ensuring thatyour design submissions are optimized to deliver you the best possible end product.

If you’re unsure about how your design might look as a pin, let our team know and we’ll beable to advise you further. With a range of different materials, molding processes, andfinishes available — we want your pin to look the best it can. If you’d like a free sample,just ask!

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We create a product that you can be proud of.

“We strive for high standards across both our manufacturing processes and our customerservice. This is why our response times are one of the best in the industry. If you need us,we’ll be there.”