Soft Enamel Pins — Low in Cost, High on Quality

Because soft enamel pins are easier to produce than hard enamel pins, they’re a great option for anyone wanting to bring their designs to life at a lower cost. Even though the level of detailing will be slightly more limited than is it for hard enamel pins, our soft enamel designs are known for their high quality and fast turnaround.

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Customize Your Soft Enamel Pins

Soft enamel pins can be customized with special plating such as spray paint, rainbow plating, and double plating. They can also be colored directly after being plated, so your product will be shipped faster than some of our other pin types.

We’ve fine tuned our production process for best results

After we get sign-off on your final design, we use high-tech equipment and computer programming to carve a mold for your pin. We then inspect the mold that has been created using our CNC machine and begin producing your product.

After your core design has been manufactured, we then treat your pin and forward it on for electroplating. Once this has been completed, we then color your design and finalize the details according to your specifications.

Not just your standard pin manufacturer

Unlike other pin manufacturers, our fast response times ensure our customers feel supported all throughout their buying journey. We also offer free samples and expert advice to ensure that the product you want is the one that’s delivered.

Our pins undergo five separate quality control inspections — all with the intention of delivering the highest standard of product possible. As with all of the items we produce, if you’re still not happy with your soft enamel pins, we can provide immediate replacements or alternative compensation.

Frequently asked Questions

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We create a product that you can be proud of.

“We’re committed to delivering top quality products, regardless of the design, quantity, or level of detail you choose. Soft enamel pins are the perfect way to get the design you want at a lower cost and with a faster turnaround.”